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WH Studio

What is « Chine » ? It is primarily an attraction.


An irrepressible, visceral but mostly instinctive attraction. The shape, for often in the morning half-light, we first distinguished a silhouette that challenges us. The material: touching is a rush to quality assurance. For material does not lie, does not escape, but on the contrary serves a drawing and a role. The design: "values ​​of light and shadow" obviousness, destination, harmony: The beautiful.

For nearly 30 years I first hunted around for antiques, then I searched who was hiding behind the equation I had just bought. Often decorative arts great artists of the 20th century who invented our modern way of living, of better dwelling our daily lives. Architects, decorators, interior designers. That is how we named them. Sometimes also unnamed. Gifted. Today breakthroughs  are made: it is a fact. But I think we need to carry on. An obviousness, a precipitate, served by the best art craftsmen in France. Thus, a collection, a creative studio.

Here is the WH Studio